Teen Teen Summer Camp

The Teen Teen Summer Camp is a one-day activity with the objective of helping students to learn more about communications and related topics outside of the classroom. The interactive workshops can help to consolidate their communications skills. Also the visit to the Coloane Power Plant Station will help them learn more about science, and at the same time increase their interest in science and technology through the experiential learning.

Macao Communications Museum - Saturday
Time Program
09:30~10:00 Registration and opening
10:00~10:45 Game
10:45~12:15 Visit at the Museum and Workshop
12:15~13:00 Game
13:00~14:30 Lunch break
14:30~15:00 Go to Coloane Power Plant Station
15::00~17:00 Tour at Coloane Power Plant Station
17:00~17:30 Return to Communications Museum