2014-06-24New publication - The 5th "Booking Service Guide for Visits"

Booking Service Guide for Visits

The 5th publication of the "Booking Service Guide for Visits" is issued for the 2014-2015 scholastic year. Apart from the "General Guided Visit", there are twenty-five thematic guided visits and three workshops under the areas of "History of Macao Post", "Foundations of Communication", "Postal Service", "Stamps and Collection" and "General Mathematics". For Telecommunications, there are six thematic guided visits under the areas of "Electromagnetism", "Transmission and Broadcasting" and "Telegraph and Telephone", seven science demonstrations, twenty-two science workshops and eleven electronic circuit courses.

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Special Activities



This year the Communications Museum is organizing a summer activity that allows children to learn through games. By taking part in the role plays, they will be inspired to think, interact, analyze and observe so as to increase their interest and unleash their potential in mathematics. Welcome to sign up and have fun with us in this summer holiday!

2014 Summer Activities

2014 Summer Activities - Education and Youth Affairs Bureau

The Communications Museum will continue to join the 2014 summer vacation curriculum organized by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau. Ten classes of five interesting and useful courses will be organized in July and August. It is our pleasure to invite you joining the program. Happy summer time in the Museum!

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