Stamp Design Competition

Starting from year 2009, the monthly Stamp Design Competition is changed to quarter competition.

1. Participation qualification: Children of 12 years old or under while visit the Museum.

2. Quarterly topics of 2009:

  • January-March - Lunar Year of the Ox
  • April-June - Children, be happy!
  • July-September - I Love Nature
  • October-December - 10th Anniversary of the Reunification of Macao with Motherland

3. Evaluation:

  • Each month, three designs from participants will be selected to enter automatically to the quarterly competition.
  • Quarterly competition, three designs will be chosen among those monthly selections.

4. Publication:

  • Panel "Stamp Design Competition", Postal/Philatelic Gallery.

5. Prizes:

Authors of monthly selected designs: 4 Free Admission Coupons of the Museum, valid for half year.

Winners of quarterly designs:

  • Stamp collection kit (10 years old or above)
  • Drawing kit (9 years old or under)