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Regulations of Facilities Lease

Venue Information:

Communications Museum, under the management of CTT, is located at Estrada de D. Maria II, No 7, Macao. In addition to the exhibition galleries on the first and second floors, there are also an auditorium equipped with projector, screen, basic sound system and simultaneous interpretation equipment, a multi-functional room, temporary exhibition gallery and a snack bar. All this is available for lease and/or rental by government departments, associations and organizations.

Purpose for Use:

Meeting, conference, seminar, ceremony, press conference, training, etc.

Time for rental/lease:

Regular hour: 9:30am - 5:30pm from Mondays to Sundays

Others: 5:30pm - 9:00pm from Mondays to Sundays

Remarks: No service provided on public holidays and museum closing dates


  1. User is not allowed to use the venue for holding activities that are different from those specified in the application form. In addition, the following activities are also prohibited: (a) activities that do no comply with the Macao Law; (b) sales and promotional activities for commercial purposes; (c) religious and political activities, etc.
  2. User will bear all legal liabilities for the respective activities held during the lease/rental period. Communications Museum of CTT reserves the right of approval over the lease of facilities. No explanation will be required in the event of non-approval or termination of the lease of facilities by Communications Museum.
  3. The lease of facilities is on a first-come-first-served basis. The booking order will be based on the application date specified in the application document submitted to Communications Museum.
  4. Smoking is prohibited at Communications Museum. Eating and drinking is allowed at the designated area. User is responsible for keeping the order of the activities inside and outside Communications Museum. User shall also maintain the hygiene condition and clear all the garbage after the completion of the activities. Should the facilities and equipment be found to be damaged after use, the user shall be responsible for its compensation.
  5. Should user be found to be violating the above-said regulations, according to the seriousness of the situation, Communications Museum shall reserve the right to terminate or cancel the lease of facilities immediately without prior notice. User shall continue to pay for all lease and/or rental fees and expenses calculated according to the original rental requirements.
  6. After the confirmation of booking, Communications Museum shall issue a payment notification to the user. For any additional charges, Communications Museum shall issue a separate notification to user after the use of facilities.
  7. CTT reserves the right for final interpretation.